Are premium institutes end of the road for Indian students? – Prabhat Patil

school education in India

There lies immense scope of a glittering career apart from getting an admission to top notch brands in the country. But to our dismay, the consensus of a common India differs from this fact. The root to this lies with our obsession and lack of awareness and trust in other available opportunities.

Our Obsessions

Taking in consideration the total number of seats available in so called premier
institutes including all -IITs, NITs, AIIMSs, IIMs, IIITs and other top institutes offer
education to less than 5 per cent of the total students in our country. What about
the rest of the pool? Is the career over for them?

Our obsession with IITs and IIMs can be traced from the attitude of the Indian society where people value the brand and almost every student is made to run in the rat race irrespective of one’s choice.

The amount of pressure a child goes
through just after the boards is explicable. Getting admission of your children to
top institutes have become a status symbol for the parents and in that aspiration
they coffle their young kids with the burden of clearing the entrance exams and
leaves no scope for a result less than that. One cannot deny the immense stress
and peer pressure that a student goes through. It is harsh truth that many
budding young minds take the escape route. Not everyone can survive the heat of
competition and what’s the outcome: India loses about 9000 potential youth
every year from instances of suicides. Who can be held responsible for these
devastating results and mindset?

Role of society

It is we as individuals who need to understand that every child is capable of
contributing well to the society. The means doesn’t ends with a mere admission
to any top institute. It is no doubt that institute plays vital role but the point lies in
getting quality education.

It is sad truth that parents instead of realizing their child’s interest, hobbies and
potential make them fight in the scorching competition and keep comparing them
with others? The succoring to harness the latent potential in any child can be best
fostered by one’s family and people around.

Is it the case that everyone, a part of these institutes have a bright career?
There is no second opinion that institutes like IITs and IIMs open doors to affluent
opportunities but one cannot ignore the other facet where the participants
undergo immense strain and compulsion. In recent times, there have been
significant cases of depression, suicides and dropouts from these institutes. In
order to cope up with the coercion, majority of students fall to the noxious trap of
drugs and alcoholism, leading to traumatic end in many cases. Though the
problem is common to most of the colleges, students in IIMs and IITs are found
more prone to these catastrophic route.

Lack of awareness and trust

There lies huge lack of awareness regarding different career options available for
students after higher secondary and graduation in India. A huge majority of
people behold engineering and medical as only glowing and safe career options,
to current trend management has attracted deep interest at undergraduate and
masters’ level. Although Commerce as a stream still have sturdy grip, but that’s
not the case with literature and humanities. People ignore the importance of
humanities and there exist a common myth that it is for weaker students. It is
imperative to note that humanities has produced many global leaders from ages,
Jack Ma, Alibaba Chairman, Shashi Tharoor, Susan Wojcicki (YouTube CEO),
Howard Schultz (Starbucks Head), Michael Eisner (Walt Disney) are few to name.
It is not that India don’t have premium colleges for other streams- University of
Delhi, Banaras Hindu University, Punjab University, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai,
Christ University, Jamia Millia Islamia and Madras Christian College have
produced countless eminent scholars.

Find your own way!

Today the world follows the US or Chinese way of doing things because they have
immensely invested in R&D and found ways of doing things differently and came
up with exceptional solutions to common problems.
Unemployment in India is grave to many trouble. In today’s world of technology
where an average youth is holding a smartphone, one cannot deny of news,
knowledge and opportunities. We can work only after completing a degree- who
says this? We need to cultivate liberal and rational thought process where no
work is to be considered small. There are always many paths less travelled. Filling

gaps explicitly through the channels of our ability and cognition is necessary.
Exploitation of skills and believe in our competency is eminent to our endeavor,
above all there’s no harm in trying.

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice!

Instead of condemning our college, education system and posting our free ride
journey during undergrads and masters on social media through memes and
personal expressions cannot be a solution. Change in attitude is must! We as
youth require to finds our own methods, seek opportunities and utilize. We can
substantially put efforts to our nation’s much demanding economic boost. We
need to ensure our individual contribution and attempt. It is up to us how we
fortify our time, knowledge and skills.

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