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The world is undergoing the biggest paradigm shift in the political trends of the past few decades. It will determine the position of countries like India, China, USA in the next few decades. The political trend of the current world can be understood as a cycle of rise of various wings like right wing, left wing and centrist politicians from time to time. The ambiguity of the world coming closer can be seen with the lens of these political trends.


Is the world coming closer? Ask these to technology giants like Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. and the answer will be a resounding YES. At the same time the rise of jingoism, nationalist and anti-globalization sentiments can be seen in the political trends of many countries like USA, Britain which totally contradicts the former answer.


The widespread use of technology and social networks from young to old and rich to poor is shaping the minds of people. The current population seems much more right wing or left wing aligned than ever. The frustration of lesser jobs, recession, inflation and fading culture is bringing the right wing in power across many countries. While, the incumbency, corruption is giving way for others to rise. This cycle might not be perfect, but is surely giving opportunities to all.


The rising sentiments in USA and the Brexit are the examples which shows the world is not coming closer. Rather, it is creating an environment of hatred and xenophobia. At the same time, the rise of centrists in France and South Korea shows the changing and more accepting nature of people contradicting the global trend. Even though, the right wing Marie le Pen got an all time highest percentage of votes, she was defeated by a huge margin by Emmanuel Macron; which shows the cycle of rise of different wings in different years and at different places.


The cheaper airfares, connectivity and social media is connecting the world; while the people are getting isolated, the xenophobic politics and rejection of communities, religion and refugees tells another story. The rhetoric of outsiders taking away jobs is setting the current trend of politics in the world.


This has a serious effect on India which is trying fiercely to step up and become a global leader. The rising sense of jingoism and politics of avoiding chines products and continuous talks of brain drain debunks the theory of world coming closer. The evergreen IT industry of India has been caught up in this stir. Many other industries are surely going to be affected as well.


As it threats the dreams of India becoming one of the world leaders; it also gives an opportunity to take matter in their own hands and write their own future. It has given an opportunity to encourage homegrown technologies and industries. The falling oil prices which is an indispensable part of Indian economy provides opportunity of development in many areas.


The trade deficit with countries like China can be tackled only with indigenous talent and industries which will create a number of jobs. The slowdown of IT industry can be fought with the booming infrastructure and construction sector. The reluctant and unwelcoming American economy is providing India an opportunity to encourage their own Google or Facebook. This can be used to improve the tourism sector and set the trends of the next decades. The large and growing Indian markets attracts a lot of investors and companies. This will help India shape the future in the next decade.


The threats are real to many industries and so are the opportunities. Dynamics of the world are changing and India has the capabilities to step-up in the game dominated by dollars. The effect of Brexit and the unhealthy relationship of European Union with USA provides a number of opportunities for India and make new friends. India is not shying away from these chances and went on to sign FTA(Free Trade Agreement) with some European countries. The changing scenario surely provides a bigger role for India in the next few decades. If the steps are taken carefully, India will live its tryst with destiny.

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