Enchanting Vibes

To Mohan its nothing concealed.

From him, expositions

I seek.


Mohan asked: How is she?

She’s sublime, enigmatic, elusive

… A wonder girl.

with thunder hail, a quaint rainstorm

She’s vibrant-enchanting-winsome.
Moreover, She never cries, she’s brave
with a smile I said.


With no relic of her voice,
she speaks very less,
Too in a low tone
While hundreds of words exchanged,
Yet voice to be traced.


Mohan: She’s too distant, isn’t it?

No matter how far,

Under same stars

She’s on shore

Few tides apart,

On my kayak, I’m not that far

I envision her, on crescent-sight

With stars guiding me,

Towards mine moon-light.


My resonating yearn,

feels echoes of other side.

Though afar, she’s

immediate to my mind.


Arivaan is a collection of thoughts that pertain within and get converted into writings. The word Arivaan itself is a creation of my imagination. If I think of giving a meaning to it then most appropriate would be imaginations turning reality.

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