I know my destiny

When I woke up today

I found a master ready to pay

For me and my family, paying a handsome price

Now our days on earth was akin a roll of dice

All five of us were loaded into a goods car

Speedily moving far and far…


Almost after a two-hour ride

Reached our destination, besides the shop’s side

Reading ‘The Royal Meat Shop’ name

All our hopes succumbed to pain


Eventide heard, tomorrow it’s our judgment day

They will come in numbers to take us and pay

We were given feast in dinner

Tomorrow no one should look thinner!


The day changed, known to our future

We’re ready for the dreadful site

Sacrificing our lives for the tragic human appetite


The first customer chose my uncle for his meal

Baffling to tell, how it feels

Probably we’re the nosh of festival heat

Purchasers paying more and more for our bulky meat


After few hours, someone picked me

For some time luck became kind

I was spared of less weight in me,

Than their expectations they find


If not me, then someone else to go

This time it was my heavy elder bro

I was perfect deal for the next buyer

He told the master, he’ll cook me in deep fire


Now for sure our whole family is in pieces,

Mixed with spices of different species


This was our fatal destiny!

As always superior kills the weaker creature

Believe it! It’s the harsh rule of nature.


Arivaan is a collection of thoughts that pertain within and get converted into writings. The word Arivaan itself is a creation of my imagination. If I think of giving a meaning to it then most appropriate would be imaginations turning reality.

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