Ice Break

ice break

With bag in a hand

And tied hair strands

Carrying smile on face,

With a steady pace,

There she comes.

ice break

From the land of hills,

Filled with calmness and still.

In deep darkness,

A bright moonlight.

In solitude and seclusion

Like fortune’s fusion.

ice break

From eyes charming

To different liking,

Where presence is hypnotic

With beauty phoenetic.

Different shades on different day

Like a limpid ray.

ice break

With expressions very few,

But every time on deep observation

Found something new.

ice break

A long time just behind

Yet friendship can’t find.

Hopefully future will witness it

And this hand will get more to poetize about.



Arivaan is a collection of thoughts that pertain within and get converted into writings. The word Arivaan itself is a creation of my imagination. If I think of giving a meaning to it then most appropriate would be imaginations turning reality.

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