Let the ice melt…

Let the ice melt
Let the vocals reverberate
In the way, a way waywards
To the ray, a ray retched

A light not taken lightly
The glitter glittered sharply
The choice – it’s not in your hand
Rather you already chosen
Only on the ride upon
Go on and on
Plight for moan and moan
Rust cuffle around, and
My love my dear
Never to say never to hear
Floating my waste, better to sink
Swim along the wave, more
Paths to pave

When you have the time
You feel so fine..
Distance from the distanced,
World without one, still a world
But not the same


Arivaan is a collection of thoughts that pertain within and get converted into writings. The word Arivaan itself is a creation of my imagination. If I think of giving a meaning to it then most appropriate would be imaginations turning reality.

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